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Chandanamazha 19-06-2015 Episode online | Watch Chandanamazha

Asianet megaserial Chandanamazha Serial Episode of 19-06-2015 can be watched online on Hotstar application. Asianet stopped uploading serials on their youtube channel. They upload only initial part of serial in youtube. To watch full episode of Chandanamazha serial 19th June 2015 episode you have to download Hotstar application. Hotstar application is available in both IPhone and Android.

Chandanamazha can be watched online here at!/chandanamazha-1613/critical-amrutha-responds—1000062307-e

All Episodes are available on Hotstar.

Amrutha in hospital

Amrutha got injured while helping Varsha. In this Episode, Amrutha is in hospital. Watch more details online

In Chandanamazha Roopasree appears as Urmiladevi, daughter in law of Desai family. She is very strict person and intelligent also. Urmila always find out the mistakes done by Varsha. Urmila is portrayed as a brave woman. Her son Arjun married to Amrutha. Amrutha is not educated Urmila tries to help her daughter in law.

The main role Amritha and Varsha are played by actress Megana Vincent and Shalu Kurian. Kukumapoovu director G Jayakumar started another serial in the same channel and this time he taken the story from a Hindi serial. As per rating this serial is on the number one position in Kerala, and its all credits goes to its direction.