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Viral Kerala Pre Wedding Photoshoot – 2020 , hot save the date photoshoot

Save the date Photoshoots and pre wedding Photoshoots are trending in Kerala with more and more couples are coming up with different ideas to make the photoshoot viral. Here is another trending and viral pre wedding photoshoot. This is a wedding theme based photoshoot. Akshay Udayan and Archana are the models in this viral photoshoot….

Viral Wedding Photoshoot from Athirapally waterfalls, hot wedding photoshoot Aishwarya Johnny – Pebin

Wedding photography searching for variety themes and places. This photoshoot in the back of Athirapally waterfalls went viral in social media and set the trend for pre wedding and post wedding photo shoots. Aishwarya Johnny – Pebin Aishwarya Johnny & Pebin decided to do a glamorous photoshoot in Athirapally. They contacted Black Paper Photography, then…

Lahiru – Madhu Pre Wedding photoshoot Viral, Srilankan Save the Date photoshoot Viral

Pre Wedding photoshoot is a trend around the world. Latest social media sensation photoshoot is a Pre Wedding photoshoot from Srilankan couple Lahiru and Madhu taken by famous Srilankan Wedding photographer Amal Mahesh Nagapidiya. Farmer theme Pre Wedding Photoshoot Lahiru and Madhu are dressed up as farmers in this photoshoot. They are getting married in…

Pre wedding photoshoot viral, Kerala hot pre wedding photoshoot Ram & Gauri

Pre wedding photoshoot of Ram & Gauri went viral in the internet and social media. ‘Save the Date’ photoshoot is a trend in Kerala with more and more couples finding different ways get attraction and adding more style and glamour to it. Ram & Gauri pre wedding photoshoot Latest viral Save the Date photoshoot is…