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10 Reasons why Kerala people have thick and black hair

Kerala is known as Gods Own Country, with beautiful nature and greenery. Kerala is also known for their Ayurveda and Ayurveda treatment. Kerala people are known to have thick and black hair unlike north Indians.

There are various reasons why Kerala People especially women have thick long black hair.

10. Cold water bath

People of Kerala normally uses cold water for bath which is good for hair. Hot water bath is not good for hair, which will increase hair fall

9. Less pollution

Kerala is comparatively greener state than any other states. Less pollution means less damage to the hair. People of Kerala are lucky in this case.

8. Combing hair

People of Kerala takes extra care to treat their hair, wash it daily, comb it properly. You treat well, you get well.

7. Rice Water Shampoo

Another important thing people uses in Kerala is Rice Water as Shampoo which nourishes hair and strengthens it.

6. Non usage of Chemical Shampoo

There are plenty of natural and herbal Shampoo replacements available in Kerala. People prepare those (they call it ‘thali’ ) from herbal leaves and use it frequently to wash hair. Those will cool head and help hair to grow.

5. Daily Hair wash

Unlike others, people of Kerala do hair wash daily with normal water. This helps to have good hair.

4. Eating habits

Kerala people uses coconut oil for food and also apply coconut oil to the hair before bath. Coconuts, spices, herbs, seafood, rice, drumsticks, vegetables are a part of Malayali’s daily diet.

3. Usage of Herbal Oils

There are ayurvedic hair oils avaialble in kerala to apply on head. Some people prepare those at home and use it.

2. Pure Water

Kerala known for pure ( less salty ) water. There are lots of good rivers. Availability of good water helps Keralites to have healthy hair.

1. Genetics

The main reason behind healthy and beautiful hair for Keralites is by their Gene. Keralites decades to have habit of Good and healthy hair. Their diet, habits helps to strengthen this.

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