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Rajinikanth a Superstar in real life – Unknown facts about Rajinikanth

Rajinikath God of south indian film industry, celebrating his 65th birthday on 12th December. Here is some of the facts that made him a real superstar for his huge fans. Rajinikanth is very different in real life from his on screen appearance.

Simplicity in real life

Rajinikanth never use makeup in public life. He doesn’t hide his age and moves around simply. Rajini is very simple and spiritual in real life. Rajini takes break after every film and goes to Himalayas to spend lone time meditating in Himalayas.

Rajini a brand by itself

Money doesn’t woo him. Rajni can not be seen in commercial ads endorsing brands. It looks like the Superstar prefers to entertain his fans through his films rather than drive fans to buy products he may or may not believe in.

A Bus conductor and coolie

The megastar actually joined the Bangalore Transport Service(BTS) as a bus conductor and also worked as a coolie before coming to film industry.

Never did a film in Mother Tongue

Rajiinikanth is a Maharashtrian and not many knows that. The actor did movies in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi and even Bengali films but did not do a film in his mother tongue Marathi.

Never died on screen

With so much action and bloodshed, Rajinikanth has never really hurt himself on screen or been seen dead in any of his films. Apparently, the makers of his films would never show him dead for fear that his fans would create havoc or burn down the theaters.

Second highest paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan

After his 2007 release, Sivaji, Rajinikanth became the highest paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan for taking home a salary of 26 crores!

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